Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More Then Curious

Hurrying to get to her car Nene looks up and sees a familiar face, not quite pin pointing where she remembered the attractive female from; she continued to make her way to her truck. Glancing up at her every few seconds as she searched through her pocketbook for her keys.

"Hey, stranger. How you been hun"? The female happily asked waving as she put her daughter into the back seat of her Nissan.

"I'm, I'm good and yourself?" Nene hesitantly replies.

"It's been a while huh?" The familiar face asked. Nene smiled and continue to engage in small talk before leaving as if she knew who she was. As she drove home she couldn't stop thinking about where she knew the female from. Racking her brain to no avail she just couldn't pin point from where. 

As she settles down in bed, Nene notices that she has a new Facebook Message from "Mina Mina".  The profile was an black and white picture of a little girl with two ponytails smiling on the swings at a playground. 

Facebook Message
Mina Mina: Hey, mami. Happy we bumped into one another earlier... haven't seen you since you ran away from me at my dorm room years ago. Lol. Wanted to kiss😘 you but didn't want you to freak out. 😞Have you spoke to Rita lately? 

"Oh shit. Dammmmnnnn.... Mina!! It really has been years. I was crushing on her hard back in college." Nene bursts out as if she was really having a conversation with someone. Eagerly going through her pictures Nene knew she had to finish what they started back in college.

Facebook Messages
Nene Monroe: It was nice running into you too boo. It's been forever girl, see your beauty hasn't changed.πŸ˜‰ Honestly I didn't remember where I knew you from until I seen your message and looked through your pictures (don't kill me😣 lol). Would love to see you again.😍😊

Mina Mina: I'm free tomorrow after noon.πŸ˜€ 

Nene Monroe: Great, your more then welcomed to come to my place ... I'll make lunch and we can talk and catch up. I moved to Hempstead. 781 Ingram Blvd. Apt. 4B. Can't wait to see you. πŸ˜˜"

As the anticipation built up the next morning Nene couldn't stop thinking about Mina, well her pictures and fantasizing about her body and the things she wanted to do to it. Mina, 29, Spanish decent, wore glasses, chunky, big titties with a smile that could capture anyone's attention; great nursing job not to mention. Nene could feel Mina's lips as she closed her eyes and put herself right back in Mina's door room years ago. Cursing herself out for punking out that night, she new this time around would have a different ending. Nene jumped as she heard her intercom buzzer ring causing her to spill the wine she was drinking onto her shirt. Grabbing a dishcloth to dap it as walked towards her door intercom. 

"Who is it"?
"Your boo, Mina". Giggling. 

Butterflies filling Nene's stomach as she buzzed her in. Moments later Mina was standing in front of her door. After greeting each other with a firm hug and an unexpected kiss on the lips, they small talked and caught up for a good hour before Nene noticed Mina's body language change. Studying her movements for a few minutes, she used the opportunity to excuse herself to the bathroom to change her shirt. Wanting Mina to follow her she asked "Babe you think you can help me with something?" Not evening knowing what she needed help with, nodding in  agreement Mina follows her to the bathroom curiously. As she enters she sees Nene taking off her shirt and then undoing her bra. 

"I felt sticky. I spilt the wine on myself right before you came up." Nene stated. 

"Are you sure that's the only reason your undressing in front on me?” Mina asked slickly, licking her lips.

Not paying her comment any attention Nene reaches for her washcloth; wets it and pours milk coconut liquid body soap onto it. Facing Mina as she soaped her breast; one by one, then wetting her washcloth again. This time she squeezed the excess soapy water over her breast, allowing it to trickle down into her underwear. She smiled as Mina pulled off her shorts and underwear, exposing her semi shaved pussy. Mina pushes Nene against the sink counter, swiftly spreading her legs with her right leg grabbing the washcloth from Nene's hand; using it to gently rub on her pussy. Taking her time; wiping the inner part of her pussy, one side at a time. Now feeling the effect of the wine, Nene spreads her legs even wider as Mina begins to rub her clitoris with her fingers. As Nene begins to moan from the sensation of pleasure, they both can't help but to look at one another lustfully in the eyes to see what the other would do next. Wanting to take control Nene pushes Mina back causing her to stubble and fall. "Come here...but I want you to crawl to me". Mina slowly crawls towards Nene as she gets on her knees right in between her legs. 

"You see this pussy? I want you to open your mouth and lick it. Make sure I feel that tongue ring too. Yesssssss...like that. Aaaahhhh mmmhhhh..."

Nene's head slowly drops back, allowing it to rest on her shoulders as she grabs Mina's head with both hands pulling her hair at the same time; moving it back and forth gyrating to the rhythm of her own moans. Hearing Nene's moans made Mina want to please her even more. Allowing her hands to spread Nene's pussy lips apart; she eagerly inserted her middle finger in then her pointer finger. Pulling them in and out going faster and deeper each time. Feeling her own juices running down her legs she pushes Mina to the floor, not wanting to cum. Groping Mina's breast as she climbed on top of her; sucking them like a newborn baby sucks their mother's nipples one at a time for milk. Mina fully aroused, begins to play with herself as she watches Nene suck on her breast. 

"Damn mami. No se detienen mamiii. Yesssss....ahh ahhh. Don't stop. I'm almost there mami. Taste it. Taste it. Suck it harder". Mina begs as she pushes Nene's head downwards to her pussy. 

"Damn. I fantasized about eating her pussy so many times over these past years, I can't believe this shit is happening".

Diving nose first into Mina's pussy starting from the bottom to the top over and over again. Nene licked her pussy like she had seen from her dvd porn collection causing Mina to let out loud moans with rapid breathing patterns in between. As her legs begins to shake Nene pushes them up in the air, wiggling her tongue as far in as it could go then sucks on Mina's clitoris softly yet rapidly. Cuffing Mina's ass in her hands, Nene put her tongue to work.

"Can't believe I'm eating pussy. You about to bust, look how your squirming. Now I understand why niggas be so open when it comes to eating pussy. Damn your moans are turning me on. Who would of thought after all these years I would have Mina on my bathroom floor eating the shit out of her pussy? She was the open lesbian while I was the shy bi curious one. I wonder if this makes me…I better see this bitch again. OH SHIT… Yes baby bust". Nene talks to herself as she eats Mina's pussy.

She couldn't hold it in any longer. Mina’s lower body begins to shake uncontrollably as her legs buckle and tighten around Nene’s head, her body juices begins to rupture in Nene's mouth. As she looks down between her legs, all she could see was Nene's plump ass sticking up in the air as she slurped and licked the rest of her extra juices. Nene rose up with a huge smile on her face, satisfied from the way she put it on Mina. Knowing this wouldn't be the last time they saw one another. Not even a minute later Buck Roger$' W.I.W.O.T.R.S. starts playing from Mina's cell phone. She jumps up from underneath Nene, answering the call as if she already knew who it was.

"Hey pappi..... No, I'm not home but I can meet you there in 20 minutes.....ok pappi. Whatever you want pappi. Besos pappi".

Nene'a entire aura changed after over hearing Mina's conversation. She felt played for some reason. She knew they were not in a relationship by far and what had just happened was just one of those "things" but felt disrespected at the same time. This was her first sexual encounter with a female. They didn't say a word to one another as Mina began to freshen up and get dress. She wasn't sure how to respond to the awkward moment.

"Mina, you leaving already boo"?
"Yeah...Sorry mami, I have to run".
"When will I see you again?"
"I don't know mami. I'll call you".

As Mina went to kiss Nene goodbye on the cheek; Nene took a handful of Mina's hair yanking it real hard, causing her to fall on the floor. 

"Don't get up. Lay the fuck there. You thought you were going to leave without me busting off too? You better not stop licking this pussy until I say to! I don't give a fuck who you have waiting you on!" Nene aggressively stated as she roughly bounced up and down on Mina's face. 

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Gift Of A Connect

Cashmere: Wyd?

Lovely: in my bed daahhhh. Go to sleep.

Cashmere: come over

Lovely: for?

Cashmere: You know how we do on your school days. Just come fuck with me a little earlier then usual.

Cashmere: you coming?

Lovely: yeah

Cashmere: bring two backwoods and brush your teeth lol 

Lovely: Nah, gotta have that dragon breath in case you try something :-p 

      Cashmere clicks back on Instagram on his phone, continuing to look through Lovely's pictures. They became acquainted with each other from a popular hang out spot in the hood; Lovely would cope weed from him every time she would see him in the spot. Occasionally they would link early in the morning before she went to her classes. Cashmere would flirt with her each time hoping she would give him some play, but she always ignored them running his lines right back on him. That's what made him want her more. Lovely stood 5'4, dark skinned, short cut brown hair, slim built but an ass so big for her frame most thought it was fake. Studying dance in high school & undergrad now in college with dreams of dancing on Broadway in NYC and becoming discovered by a famous talent company.

      He couldn't help going back to this one picture she has up. "She really about to leave ...and see the world. Something she talked about forever. That's what's up." Cashmere said to himself as he starred at the picture. In the picture she's sitting down with her upper body arched back perfectly, like a ballerina in the fifth position; her head turned slightly to the side looking over her shoulder in a black leotard. Perfect money shot! The picture was taken of her at "Pat's Dance Studio" in Baldwin, NY four months prior as she waited to  audition for a spot on a 13 dance squad that would go on tour for three months, paid. She was the best dancer at that audition that day and was now preparing mentally to leave NY in less then a week to finally pursue her dreams. 

"Yeeessss..... I'mma give her something to remember. Gotta feel what that pussy is like B." Rushing to straighten up his room, Cashmere waited nervously for her to arrive. 

Lovely: outside

Cashmere: ok, coming now 

      "This nigga Cash better not bs this early, with his flirting ass and just get me highhhhh." Lovely giggled to herself before exiting her car. Lovely knew Cash aka Cashmere wasn't a nigga she could ever get caught up with. Not because she wasn't attracted to him but because he was a street nigga, a nigga that she knew could only do but so much for her and could only bring him around certain people and/ places if she was to cross that line.  

      A few minutes later Cashmere  lets her in, quietly directing her towards the basement door into his "Man Cave". It's setup like a small studio apartment with a mini bar towards the far back and two couches. He uses it to escape the world, bag up his drugs and smoke. As soon as Lovely plops down on the first couch, Cashmere throws two dime bags of exotic at her. "Roll up meany. You finished that assignment you been working on for that science course shit?" They small talked for a while as she rolled the blunts. 

"Spark up time." Lovely smiled twirling the first blunt in her hand, then lighting it.

      She felt the hit of the exotic weed as it began to kick in each time she inhaled, loving the way it put her in a relaxing mind set. Cashmere sat still on the other couch watching her intensely with her eyes closed and head raised toward the ceiling as she exhaled the smoke in the air.

"I have an early going away present for you." 

"Yeah? Let me find out you not coming to my party tomorrow night. Where is it?" Lovely asks as she tries to pass the blunt to him, Cashmere gestures for her to continue smoking.

Next thing you know Cashmere was between her legs tugging at her sweats. 

"Yyyooooo what you doing?"

"Giving you your present."

"What do my sweats have to do with my present? Look you made me drop the blunt. Stooppppp." 

      They begin to playfully wrestle with one another. Cashmere tussles to pull down her pants as Lovely struggles to keep them up. Some how he manages to pull them down and swiftly move her panties to one side, forcing Lovely to surrender to his wet tongue. Few minutes later Lovely let's out moans of pleasure, giving Cashmere an immediate hard on. He jerks himself off anticipating what was to come.


      "Tell me how you feel. Tell me how much you like this gift." He demanded in between licks and sucks on her clitoris. Stopping for a brief second to ease her panties down; gliding his middle finger in her pussy. Now adding another finger to her cherry, pushing his finger in and out to the silent  rhythm of her lower body. "You not going to tell me you like it? You know you want to." Cashmere knew she wanted more even though she wouldn't say it. The way her body reacted told him what she really wanted. Pulling his fingers out abruptly, Lovely opened her eyes puzzled."Turn around and put that ass in the air!" Cashmere demanded slapping her right thigh. "I can't do this...stop Cash." Lovely said slowly knowingly she wanted to feel more, trying to pull her sweats back up. "What you doing?" Cashmere whispers, quickly grabbed her sweats, pulling them completely off then pushing her over onto her stomach. "What I tell you to do? Put that ass up. No more games Lovely." Slapping both ass cheeks, making them bounce like a rock rippling on top of an open sea. Spreading her legs further apart as he gripped her big ass; lusting to dip and play with his tongue in her asshole. 

      "Ohhh Ohhh aahhh. Damn .... Damn...Cash yes! Yes right there." Lovely confesses rubbing her breast through her shirt as Cashmere shakes her ass after every deep stroke of his tongue between her ass crack, rocking back and forth in the doggy position. Cashmere then lays on his back rearranging his head directly under her pussy groping her ass cheeks at the same time; which makes Lovely stretch her arms out in front of her, now pouncing her wet pussy on his face. He went to work on her pussy with his tongue sucking out all of her sweet nectar. Feeding into each others sexual urges, yearning more and more to explore each other; Lovely's body went into convulsions after convulsions like an exorcism being conducted on spiritual grounds. 

"You ready for this dick? I can't hear you." 


"Don't move." Cashmere demanded slowly rising from underneath her. Grabbed a condom from behind the bar, by the time he walked back over to her he had it on and ready to lay his pipe game down. 

Cashmere: Finally I'm about to feel this pussy. I can't believe I got her to go this far with me. My niggas ain't gonna believe this shit.

Lovely: Can't believe I let him get me like this. Damn he feels so good though. If his dick game is wack, Imma getting the fuck out of here. 

      Grabbing her waist with one hand and using his other to help guide his dick in her pussy, to Cashmere's surprise her pussy was tight; which drove him to precum a little bit. Thrusting multiple times to get the tip of his dick in. Once he got his dick fully in her pussy, he began stroking it real slow. Each time he dipped his dick in her pussy she would let out moans of both pain and pleasure. Lovely reaches in between her legs and fondles Cashmere's balls turning him completely on. Grunting each time he  thrust his dick into her faster and faster, unable to compose himself he let's out a nut like he never felt before; collapsing over her as he tried to catch his breath. 

Lovely: That's it? Did this nigga just cum that quick? Oh Hell No! 

Cashmere: That shit was life itself B. Wait til I tear that ass up again. 

Lovely quickly gets ups and gets dress. By the time Cashmere noticed she already had both her sneakers on and was grabbing her jacket.

"You running now from me? You not going to finish smoking with me?" Cashmere questioned rubbing his dick. 

"You right, that was a REAL EARLY going away gift." Lovely annoyingly says as she walks up the staircase. What a fucking waste of tongue action. This nigga couldn't even hold his nut! 

All Star Birthday Package

"You sure they know what time to be there later? Just make sure they worth the bread I just dished out." Dash yelled out the window to Sean as he started the rental.

"Just hurry up and pick up that nicca before he start bitching. Plus I'm ready to get this weekend popping. We ain't party together since graduation." Sean reflected

*Dash's cell starts ringing*

"That's this nicca now. I'm out, hit you when we on our way to the hotel to meet you. Just don't start the party without us." Dash speeded out the parking lot as he forwarded the call to his voice mail.


"Where the fuck this nicca at? He know I don't have patience and hate waiting. Especially in this country ass Houston, Texas." Bounce complained to himself.

Bounce aka Speedy Bounce is a M.V.P. basketball player who recently graduated from Uniondale High School in Long Island, NY. For the past three months he was in basketball training camp, practicing with some of the top basketball players from all over the world; praying and competing to get drafted into the N.B.A.. Bounce was so excited to be in Texas for All Star Weekend; looking forward to seeing and hanging out with his high school crew. He was offered multiple full four year scholarships to different colleges around the world including out of the country but turned them all down to pursue is dream of playing in the N.B.A.. He was the only one in his crew that was making something out of themselves with their talent, he finally had that chance of making it out the hood. Bounce  was the superstar in his high school- but always stayed loyal to his crew, vowing to help them all financially once he made it into the N.B.A.. When he didn't have money for new sneakers, new basketball uniforms and/or traveling money for his basketball trips; the crew pulled together and made sure he was straight and had all he needed, because they knew he was their golden ticket out the hood.

Henry pulled up to the airport blasting "Dox- Out of Ya League" - signifying exactly how he felt at that very moment, out a tinted red 2018 Lexus IS. The rental was decked out. Had everyone turning their heads to see who was going to walk up to it and who's ride it was. Dash doubled parked and beeped the horn twice, rolling down the window. Bounce turned around smiling at Dash. Both knotted at each other as Bounce jogged over to the car with his two duffle bags.

"Happy Born Day my dude. What's good nicca? Missed ya ass. I see you still have no patience." Dash chuckled and gave him a dap and big bear hug.

"Thanks bro. Nicca you know I hate waiting. This whip is fucking fire! Who wheels are these? I know you ain't come up that much since I been gone. Where the crew at? I hope niccas ain't change their minds and not come on the fucking trip." Bounce concernly asked.

"Shit is hot right? You know this the stunna whip for the weekend. We couldn't have a future N.B.A. star riding around in a hoopty. Ya feel me? The rest of the crew back at the hotel tho. You know the crew ain't been the same without you around. How they treating you in training camp tho? Matter of a fact, I know you got floor tickets to the All Star Game on Sunday, I see they been lacing you up with the jewelery too." Dash rambling on, jumping from subject to subject.

"What's my name nicca? You know I got ya'll with the tickets to the game. Now take me to the fucking hotel so I can see what's really good. Where the fuck the liquior at? Nicca you stay with a cup in the whip."

"If you wasn't blowing up my cell to pick you up, I would of had a cup in here plus two bad bitches." Dash laughing as he replied

"Oh we got time for the bad bitches." Bounced joked.

About fifteen minutes later they pulled up in front of The Lancer Hotel.

"Sweet, this where we staying? And ya'll niccas was crying broke the last time we spoke." Bounce looked at the hotel with astonishment as he waited for Dash to respond.

"Nicca, you wish. Listen I want you to get your stuff, go into the bathroom and get ready for the party." Dash pointed towards the hotel entrance.

" Yo, it's only 4pm, where the hell we partying at this early? Take me to my fucking hotel and to the damn strip club after! IT'S MY DAMN BIRTHDAY MAN. I haven't seen nor gotten any pussy since I left town. Bounce complained.

"Hold the fuck on. Who you giving orders to, I run this, you forgot? Secondly how you don't know about day parties? You ain't been gone that long. Bro relax, you gonna enjoy this weekend before you head back on the road. And there is going to be plenty of bitches over the weekend for you to choice from and break their back in." Dash assured him.

About thirty minutes later Bounce came strolling out the hotel lobby bathroom decked out smelling like a million dollars and joined Dash who was now having a drink at the hotel bar. "Yo, I'm ready" Bounce aggressively shouted over the low lobby music to Dash.

"Iight...let's go." Dash lead Bounce down a short hallway off to the far corner of the hotel. He stopped suddenly in his steps in front of a big steel double door and slowly opened them as he looked back at Bounce with a cheesy smile.

"Nicca, what the hell you smiling about and what are we doing back here?" Bounce swiftly pushed Dash through the doors.

"SURPISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" The entire crowded room screamed out. Startling Bounce, causing him to blush and lose his balance. His entire crew rushed over to him; giving him daps, hands shakes, playfully punching him in his arms and chest and rubbing his head. They were all thrilled to see him. He went around the room greeting everyone and thanking them for attending his surprise birthday party.

"Damn yall niccas really got me. I wasn't expecting this shit at all. To be honest, I forgot it was my born day until Dash picked me up earlier. Been busting a lot of power moves and lost track of the days. See thats how you know ya boy been working hard, getting his game up." Bounce happily expressed to Sean, Dash and three other fellas in his crew.

"You know we love your punk ass, we would never forget your born day Bro. Damn, we missed you being around on a daily bases. Just make sure when you get in you show these crackers that they need you and you don't need them." Sean raised his glass up in the air and they tossed.

About two hours passed; everyone enjoying themselves partying, drinking, hookahs, all his close family and friends was in attendance. It just sunk into Bounce while watching everyone that he was actually about to live out his dream; playing pro basketball. He knew that even if he didn't get drafted that he would play over seas; but playing on the court in front of all his family, friends and fans with them chanting "Speedy Bounce" every time he made a shot was apart of his dream.

Dash wrapped his arm around Bounce's shoulder. Slowly walking he towards a back room; slurring his words as he began to talk. "I got you a gift. Actually two."

"Nicca, since when you giving gifts? Bounce chuckled, as he felt the liquior kick in.

They stopped in front of a door that had a sign that read "PRIVATE", Dash doubled tapped on it and waited for the door to open. "Where the hell you taking me now? Ain't no one in this room. You twisted Dash." Bounce said as he began to turn around and return to his guest in the main room. The door slowly opened and two young looking beautiful females appeared in the doorway. One was white and the other female appeared black asian. Hugging each other in matching black and bright pink bikini sets. Bounce stopped in his tracks, mesmerized from their sex appeal.

"Hello, ladies. Looking as sweet as candy. I have the man of the hour here for you. Make sure you treat him real good and ensure he never forgets this birthday."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Bounce confusedly asked and nudged Dash in his side; eyes glued to the females half naked bodies.

"Bro, let these ladies give you a birthday to remember, ease some of the tension and pressure you been feeling over these pass few weeks." Dash pushed Bounce into the small room and winked at both ladies as he closed the door and left the room.

Bounce was speechless and watched the two females as they began to kiss and undress one another. The white female started caressing the black asian's breast with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other hand. After a few minutes she slid down between the black asian's parted legs and started giving her pussy sweet tongue action, shoving her pussy in her face by grabbing the black asian's ass from behind. Quickly licking her pussy as the white female kept her eyes on Bounce. She got up and they both walked over to where he was standing by the door entrance, still in disbelief of what was occurring. 

"Touch me." One of them said. "I'm gonna take you to heaven baby." The other one said. Groping and pulling at his clothes, Bounce let them have their way with him. Stripping him down to his polo boxers as they backed him into the desk that was in the room. The white female dropped down in between his legs, pulled out his dick and began to suck it as the black asian female climbed on top of the desk, straddling him from behind. Rubbing his back and caressing his chest as she watched her partner suck his dick.

"Suck that black dick. You like how that dick taste?" The white female took the dick out of her mouth, looked up at Bounce and asked him "You like the way I suck your dick baby?" jerking him off a she waited for a response.

Bounce sitting straight up on top of the desk, the black asian female slid to the front - plopping down on his lap. He started shaking and bouncing her ass on his dick as it slid in by it's self. He didn't really know what to do. He never had two bad bitches at once. Their aggressiveness had his dick rock hard and anticipating their next moves. The white female still knelt down in between his legs with full view of the black asian's plumped ass going up and down in the air. She eased in closer, licked her fingers and began playing with the black asain's ass from underneath. The black asian began grinding on Bounce's body, turning the white chick on -she opens the black asain's ass wider with her hands, licking in between her ass crack. Two females pleasing him at the same time turned Bounce on! He began groping the black asain's titties, sucking on one and then going to the other - back and forth. Rising slowly off his dick and stands on top of the desk, towering over Bounce with her pussy directly in his face.

"You like the way this pussy feel? I want you to taste this shit now. Show me how good it felt to you." The black asian demanded pushing his head in her pussy. The white female begins sucking his dick again while playing with herself. Then standing up and backs up her ass on his dick...The white girl then began to ride his dick as he continued to eat the other female's pussy as demanded. Bounce stopped and focused all his attention on fucking the shit out of the white girl. The way she was throwing it back on him had him moaning louder and louder from her pleasure. The black asian came down from off the desk and stood in front of the white girl has she continued to throw it back on him. She leaned in and they started french kissing and playing with one another.

"Now you kneel down and eat her pussy." Bounce told the black asain. "I want to see you squirt in her mouth." He told the white female.


"Damn, those bitches tearing his ass up." "You see that white chick ass tho?" 
"I would dig the shit out of that exotic's chick ass." 
"Yes mami, touch yaself." 

Just a few comments that Bounce's crew blurted out as they secretly watched them from in the other room.

"Yeah, this is definitely going to be a weekend to remember." Dash said to himself and continued to watch Bounce on the hidden camera.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Unsigned Explosion Tour Write Up: Boston & Connecticut by Nelly NewShoes

Yupppppp.... It's been three weeks and everyone is still talking about it!!! The Unsigned Explosion Tour was back at it AGAIN on the road hitting Boston & Connecticut : June 29th & 30th with talented 9 unsigned artist: Dox, Komplex, Worldarama, Raymond PSG, Young Dom, LQ The King, Young Boogs, Jimmie Bones, Sapphire Monet and Coast to Coast DJ: DJ N.O.; all from New York. Two that stuck out to me off bat- Young Dom (of TMO) because he brought his crew with him, camera man included and the ONLY FEMALE - Sapphire Monet on the tour who sings "Funk Rock", staff and a few artist brought a family &/or team member(s). This time around things went much smoother and the atmosphere was built on support and showing love to each other; as if we all knew each other before going on tour (though a few of us knew one another from prior events, home town or the last tour.) During boarding of the tour bus we all greeted one another, talked and took pictures.

          Tour life here we come ... 22 of us boarded the tour bus in Brooklyn Saturday morning for our first stop; which was the Comfort Inn in Connecticut. My seat was at the front of the bus but truth be told most of the action / excitement was at the back of the bus. All the artist were excited and talking amongst one another: about the last tour, venues they would be performing at this tour, who they know and "music" (the one thing we all have in common). Within the first half an hour Cal took out his camera: getting drops from all the artist on the tour bus and taping them as they did open freestyles. LQ The King set it off something serious! Bars for days!! Literally. The tension began to silently build as Cal went from artist to artist giving them the spotlight individually.

Before we got to the hotel we made a lunch/ dinner stop to the "Golden Corral" once we got into Boston. As we got off the bus I noticed some people going to "Boston Market" instead ...I chose to go follow the majority. Boyyyy was I in "Fat Girl Heaven" lol.  They had so many choices and the deserts were amazing. They even had a chocolate fountain that you could dip marshmallows, strawberries,cookies & whatever else you wanted, let's not forget the blue cotton candy to top it off. I sampled a few things but was more interested in what everyone else was doing and how the night would turn out. I ended up sitting with the bus driver, Shabar. I got acquainted with him and quickly learned that he was a joker "don't invade his space" * tour inny* . We ate, took pictures and was back on the tour bus heading to the hotel, to get ready for the show in a few hours.

Once we made it to the hotel, I got my room and the fun began: Music blasting, bottles popping from a few rooms, and some hunted for "extra activities" .....  Within 15 minutes of us being there I could hear a few of the artist in the hotel hallway talking, laughing, trying to find out what rooms staff was in  & getting themselves ready for the show. Cal knocked on our door informing us we had to be ready to leave the hotel by 9pm. That gave us roughly 35 minutes to get ready. As I got out the shower I could hear LQ - my room mate, reciting his lyrics over a instrumental beat he had playing off his phone and doing push ups. This got me ampted...when artist are about to perform they get into
"their own zone". As I began to unwine Sapphire Monet stopped by my room, being she was the only female artist on the tour with us I took this as an opportunity to get to know her a little more one on one.  I found it odd when she told me she sings  "Funk Rock" .I had no idea what that exactly sound like, so you know I had to inquire more.
After she left to get ready for the show, next thing I know I hear Worldarama's voice coming from the hotel hallway. I peeked out my room door and there he was, Worldarama, chopping it up with a few people with his camera in one hand and a cup in his hand. I couldn't help but  smile to myself because when he's around THE CAMERA IS ALWAYS ROLLING & nothing is off limits. If you know Worldarama you know it's a "Shake Fest" ready to happen at any given time. Lol.

As I waited for us to leave and head to the show at " Max Blue's Cafe" Jimmie Bones & Stef Ta Def (Worldarama's nephew & artist) some how ended up in our room chopping it up with LQ... As I fixed my makeup and did my hair in the bathroom I couldn't help but to listen in on LQ, Jimmie Bones and Stef Ta Def 's conversation. I tried to pay very close attention to everything Jimmie Bones had to say. It's just something about an intelligent young black man that knows the business. As they continued their conversation about us running late to the show, rappers in the music game, producers , who's in what camp/ group... All of a sudden the conversation switched to "artist who use other artist's lyrics and portray them as their own". Ohhhhh did it get heated and a bigger discussion emerged. Wish I could share the dirt *sighs*. Within a few minutes we all headed towards the lobby to see what was taking so long for us to leave: as we waited for everyone to come outside to the tour bus, pictures were taken and mini drops were done.

It didn't take us long to get to the venue. Before we pulled up to the spot " Max Blue's Cafe" all artist were warned that we were pressed for time on stage. As we arrived at the venue there was a nice amount of people standing in the front of the entrance. It was SHOW TIME! We all got off one by one, Raymond's manager and Young Dom's camera dude were filming immediately; the greeting we received  as we all entered the venue was nothing but love. Being we were running late, the show had already started by the time we got there. The host from Boston, Seventhree EZ, was on stage greeting the next group to the stage, I spotted Black Lotto walking backstage to talk to Seventhree EZ and Pretty Poission (the host and connect of Boston), I was right on his heels. I didn't care how rushed we were. I was getting shine on that stage... & I DID GET MY 30 SECONDS OF SHINE...well it was more like 3 minutes lol! Three white dudes with green button up- long sleeve collar shirts on walked on stage. I don't know what they were "trying" to showcase, but rapping definitely wasn't their talent (no disrespect). Not only was the sound system messing up but this group wasn't cutting it. If this was a competition this group would of need disqualified within the first 20 seconds. I checked out the spot, walking from side to side; leaving a few of my promo fliers on a few of the tables and networked with the Boston crowd. As I waited for the white group to end, a young lady my the name Socially CeCe walked up to me. She was very interested in what I was there doing / my position on the tour etc.; being she worked in the same entertainment field. Before the night was over luck had it were I got to do a mini interview with Socially CeCe on the balcony of the club.
It was #LacedUp!

      Black Lotto got on stage, taking over the show from Seventhree EZ. He introduced himself, got the crowd's attention by hyping everyone up with music from DJ N.O., and a little information on what we were all there for (the Unsigned Explosion Tour). Next thing I know DJ N.O. started his set. Though he didn't have too much time to spin (Pretty Poisson kept on rushing everyone on stage - telling us to keep the show rolling), he kicked it off with a few Boston hits (to hype up the crowd and show Boston respect) but I don't think the audience was up on the tracks he was playing; by the look on their faces - but us New Yorkers knew the tracks. The first to open up from New York was Team Inkredible's own Dox. Warming the crowd up, giving them a sample of what New York is made of. Can't remember the order of which each artist went after him : Sapphire Monet took to the stage wearing a bangging ass  multi-color cat suit. No lie she had all heads turning in her direction trying to get a glimpse of her beauty as she made her way to the stage. THE MOMENT I WAS WAITING FOR since we got to the venue, to hear this "Funk Rock" (her sound). It was different... She sang a love song that captivated me, leaving me yearning to hear more. As she got into her next track ,all I remember was her stopping in the middle of her song and saying " I'M FROM BROOKLYN, SO YOU GONNA RESPECT ME. I NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION..." * clap clap clap clap clap * lmao. She had everyone's attention at this point because her demeanor was so demanding you had no other choice but to respect her *clap clap clap clap clap*. If you from New York, you know how Brooklyn people act when they feel disrespected. For the rest of the tour the joke line was " I'm from Brooklyn, you gonna respect me. In Sapphire's voice". Whenever someone else  wasn't respecting them or trying to jokingly play one another Lol. Boooyyyyy when  Young Boogs hit the stage aka Mr. Hit The Bar THINGS GOT LIT!! I was so turnt up in the moment I invited myself on stage when Boogs did his set for "Hit The Bar". His energy was insane, he had the audience swaying side to side with him as he recited the chorus. He even had me doing the two step with him - I became his "hype girl" automatically. It must of been that shot I had before we left the hotel, cause I would have never have done that otherwise. I got to watch Komplex do his performance from the balcony view - it was dope, he performed just as I finished my mini interview with Socially CeCe; his stage presence was so official! Collar shirt, bow tie included. Watching the audience sway with him from one side of the stage to the other was a great visual. Wish he could of seen it for himself.
When Young Dom and his crew TMO rocked the stage I was shocked. On the bus he was so comical, trying to hustle anything under the sun; so when I saw his "youngin' self" * inny * rapping about money, cars, hustling and girls... " They talking money and I want in/ they pushing Beemas , they pushing Benz/ we bag these b*tches and f*ck their friends/ we paid in full hustling like this the end. " this baby face young artist had my mouth wide open as he performed "They Talkin". Him and his crew definitely made an impression, not only to me but to everyone that was on tour with us Energy crazy !!!
Time was whining down...Here comes Pretty Poisson rushing us AGAIN SMH; telling Seventhree EZ and Black Lotto to hurry up with the program. All of a sudden the stage got packed. Pretty Poisson's artist hit the stage turning that iish upside down. My dude had strippers on the stage with him twerking! The spot got crunk!!
Her artist set the stage for Worldarama and Stef Ta Def who CLOSED THE SHOW SOMETHING SERIOUS with their hit single "Shake Fest". The stage was packed to the max. The strippers hand the  audience chanting "it's a shake fest, shake fest shake fest" as they shaked their "tail feathers" within about a minute or two into the song the music completely STOPS. We all looked over at DJ N.O. to see what happened. I thought the poor music system broke, but the spot cut the music completely due them closing at 1am. WTF right !!???!!! It was #LacedUp though, even when they stopped the music Stef kept on reciting his lyrics and the crowd was still dancing. Unfortunately three artist: LQ The King, Raymond and Jimmie Bones didn't get to showcase their talent due to the venue shouting down so  abrupt. YES TENSION filled the air...you could cut it with a knife. I felt so bad, because I knew they we prepared to do damage to the stage like the other artist from N.Y. who got to perform. In between performances they alternated between Boston artist and New York artist, let's not forget the fucked up sound system squeaking and blowing the base every other minute. There were two Boston artists who turnt the stage UP THO. Wish I remembered their names.

When we got outside there was a party bus waiting for us courtesy of Seventhree EZ and Pretty Poisson, the same strippers that were in the spot performing on stage with the Boston artist and Worldarama set were on the bus as well with a few Boston people. I was good. They didn't have nothing on a bad ass stripper from N.Y. if you ask me. Truth be told everyone on the tour bus went back to the hotel instead of joining the Boston people on the party bus.

        Now some would say this is when the REAL PARTY STARTED! You know the saying "the freaks come out at night". Things got a little interesting if you ask me. You had people room hopping, taking pictures, playing music, playing games, drinking, hunting for food, trying to hook up and "extra activities".... Don't forget Worldarama and Dom TMO's camera dude filming having a good time. About an hour of us being back at the hotel we were informed the party bus was outside and whoever wanted to go could. I opted to stay at the hotel - they had no real destination but a few people eventuality joined them. I heard Worldarama and Raymod made their own "Shake Fest" on that party bus cause he was DONE for the next few hours... LITERALLY hhmmmm .... ;I kicked it with DJ Wes Will and his homeboy for a little before retiring to my room. I didn't know where LQ dipped off to but I found myself in my room with Sapphire Monet and Young Boogs. They did most of the talking amongst themselves as I sat on LQ's bed taking in the entire day and enjoying the moment... I was on tour. This has been something I wanted to do for a long time (though its my 2nd tour with Team Inkredible), this time around it was different for me...loved how everything was coming together.

      8am the alarm was ringing in my ear. I most of been on 2 hours of sleep maximum. 2nd day on the road and I was energized like I had a full 8 hours of sleep. We ate breakfast, I took a dip in the hotel pool, showered, got dressed and waited in the hotel lounge for everyone else to check out. I pulled my camera out and started filming a few of the artist one by one. I used this opportunity to get to know them a little bit more, I also felt that this gave each artist a better insight on each other - being I was conducting the interview as they watched and listened. We checked out and headed to our next destination, Connecticut: Club Symmetry.

Symmetry was jumping as we pulled up. People lined up outside, going in and out, talking in groups and smoking. They had a battle event going on inside, we waited a few hours before our showcase started; mingling with fellow artist, checking out our new surroundings and filming. I walked inside - it felt like a "Smack DVD" battle. Two artist on stage going back to back with diss lines as the crowd reacted to the one with the hottest bars by cheering or clapping and snickering at the opponent being dissed.

Few hours passed, once again it was SHOW TIME: ROUND 2!! Jimmie Bones opened up this time, his white boy swag bringing the heat including his smash single "Bad Bitches & Good Weed". I swear he's Big Sean's twin ... voice and all. I'm sure you all remember him from the last tour; his creativity and intellect as an young man is beyond his time. Raymond did his thing with his ladies track "Toast (L'chaim)".
LQ couldn't wait to touch the stage (his adrenaline was pumped from not being able to perform the night previously. So you know he showed his ass on that stage), when he did all eyes were on him. He gave an "Inkredible" freestyle that touched on the rap game, the struggle, life lessons and what he wants in life. Young Dom held the key to the night/ event. He held the gateway that we needed for Connecticut artist and New York Artist to unite for the night and start a life time music friendship. There was a group of artist that all had light green bandanas, one of them even had a shirt on that read " We don't got love for New York". Yikes right.... A few of us felt uncomfortable and little chats were circulating about it, all of that negative energy went out the window once Young Dom invited them onto the stage as he did his set for "Let Me" OH BOOYYYYYY!! THE STAGE WAS ON FIRE!!! Young Dom had that music group partying on stage with him as if he knew them for years; the crowd went crazy, chanting and jumping out their seats. Dox ripped the stage with "Wildin'"!! I was astonished at his performance. He took the crowd by storm as he recited "Before I leave the crib I kiss my baby girl, trynna get this money in this crazy world, they WILDIN for respect...." He diminished the stage - well in this case floor. The crowd was hype!!! Cheering and clapping before his song was even finished.

After the show ended, I waited inside with Craig (Nght Wolf) talking to him about the weekend and a few of the performances. D.J. N.O. comes over and asks:

"We going to another hotel after this or we going home?".

I responded: "Why, you have to be at work early in the morning?"

D.J. N.O.: "Nah,this is my job. I just want to sleep in my bed."

I smiled. His simple response motived the hell out of me. Who wouldn't want to travel, party, meet new people for a living and get paid for it at the same time? To work for a check is one thing, but to do what you love to do and get that check afterwards is even better! I can't wait to be at that stage where Dj N.O. is. N.O. I respect your grind and hard work. I met you when no one knew my name. You befriended me in this music game without question and have been supporting me ever since. There's a bright future waiting for you. Keep grinding N.O. I salute you. See you at the top.

There were five phenomenal artist that left an imprint on me while on tour with them:
(no particular order) Young Dom, LQ the King, Jimmie Bones & Sapphire Monet, and Komplex. Young Dom has the entire package. Talent, looks, drive, character... Don't let the baby face fool you. LQ the King has that fire, his tongue is a lyrical weapon itself! Jimmie Bones has the business smarts of a leader. His music abilities has the capabilities to not only make it mainstream but cross over into that pop market. Sapphire Monet brings that funk that the music industry is missing. She has that soul music like Jill Scoot... Indie Arie.

Look out for the Unsigned Explosion Tour coming to a state near you... Maryland... Virgina WE COMING TO YOU NEXT!! GET READY!! IT'S A TEAM INKREDIBLE TAKE OVER.